Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All About Me Poster

A great thing to have displayed for Open House is an "All About Me" poster of yourself. Your students will love seeing photos of you, your family and/or pets. I also attach a photo of myself when I was younger so they can see what I used to look like. After the first week of school, I start having the students complete an "All About Me" poster. You can either go in alphabetical order or go by birthdays (these seem the most fair). When my students are "Student of the Week", they fill out the poster and present it to the class. We then make him/her a "Friendship Book". Each
student writes a few sentences about them and draws them a picture. The student who is the student of the week, draws the cover. I then bind it and make it into a book! They love it! Also, when students are Student of the Week, I have them bring in snack for the week and something to "Show and Tell" on Friday. The posters I like to use are from Scholastic:


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