Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brag Board

Every month I send home a note to parents asking them to fill out the "Brag Board" paper for the month. The paper is then displayed on the bulletin board and at the end of the month it goes into the student's scrapbook (Scroll down to read about my scrapbooks). I try to make every month go along with the holiday of that month. Here is what I do:

August - School House or Crayon Box - The parents write a "Good Luck" message.

September - Apple - (Child's name) is the apple of my eye because...

October - Pumpkin - (Child's name) is my pumpkin because...

November - Turkey - I'm thankful for (Child's name) because...

December - Christmas Tree or Snowman - The parents write their child's
favorite holiday memory.

January - Penguin - Parent's write their child's New Year Wishes.

February - Heart - (Child's name) is lovable because...

March - Shamrock - I'm lucky to have (Child's name) because...

April - Ladybug or Butterfly - (Child's name) is as cute as a bug because...

May - Flower - (Child's name) blossomed in first grade because...

If your school does Character Counts, you could replace some of those and say - (Child's name) is Trustworthy because... and so on.

The children love this and they love when I read their parent's note to them.

I've attached a picture of my current Brag Board. Before and after I put their photos in the Fish Bowl.


  1. This idea is precious, & really encourages parent involvement

  2. It's a lovely idea. I would just be scared for the children that have less than ideal parents, those who either don't participate or do so in a shoddy way. It might make those children feel even worse to have their private issue made public. Has this ever been an issue for you?

  3. I've had a few parents in the past forget to send it in right away, so I would just send another one home with a note attached. I told the students that their siblings could also fill it out, I even had a child once fill it out himself and I put it up on the bulletin board. For the most part, I didn't have a problem and if they didn't bring one back, I didn't make a big deal about it.

  4. I have had great success so far with my brag board! I plan on writing a letter to the few students that don't have a letter returned. Or possibly having the principal or specials teacher write one. I think the important thing is that they see a letter from someone. Thank you, Tiffany, for this great idea :)